5 Reasons Why Vaccinations Are Safe


Do all of us need vaccines? Yes, we all do, regardless of whether you’re a child or an adult!

Vaccines improve your immunity and help you fight against diseases before you can actually acquire them. A vaccine can prevent over millions of deaths every year, and scientific experiments can prove that these vaccines are safe. In spite of this, many are still doubting and even won’t allow their children to get vaccinated. Here are five reasons why all vaccines available on the market are safe.

1. Vaccines Are Being Tested Many Times

Vaccines go through a lot of studies until they are proven safe for you. The Department of Health approves the use of all vaccines in the country.

A vaccine undergoes three trial stages. First, it will be given to a small number of people, then later on, to people with the same age or health conditions. Lastly, to test its safety and efficacy, it will be given to a large group of individuals. If a vaccine is reported to be bringing about some side effects, these adverse events are evaluated and every serious issue is studied carefully.

2. Vaccines Are Safer Than Getting The Disease Itself

The risks of acquiring the disease and its resultant complications are more serious  than the side effects of vaccination. If your child gets strange side effects after getting the immunization, you should report these side effects to your health care provider immediately. Side effects of vaccines may happen at the same time after getting one or more vaccines. Mild side effects may be felt for only one or a few days. The most common side effects of vaccines are mild swelling in the injection area and low-grade fever.

3. Vaccines Do Not Cause Disease

The best available scientific evidence shows that vaccines do not cause diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), autism, multiple sclerosis, or other dangerous illnesses.

4. Newer Vaccines Are Safer Than Older Vaccines

Yes, science has improved because of the latest technologies. This is why new vaccines are now made of only a few substances to incite the specific immune response that is needed to provide protection.

5. Vaccines Are Made of Very Safe Ingredients

The substances that make up the vaccine are not harmful to the body. Vaccines may contain a very small dose of a weak but live virus, killed viruses, killed bacteria, small parts of bacteria, small amounts of a toxin produced by the bacteria, a small amount of antibiotic or a small amount of preservative. All these were tested and proven to be safe for humans.


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-Medical Observer

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