Immunization may sometimes refer as vaccination is getting a special type of substance like a vaccine into your body so you can be protected against certain type of infections. It is usually given to babies two months after they are born. It is because babies are more susceptible in different diseases but you can still have a vaccine even if you’re older. Before, many children died or suffered from having polio, measles, and chicken pox. These are some of the diseases that we have a developed vaccine nowadays.

A vaccine is a fluid that helps your body to become immune to a disease caused by certain germs. The vaccine contains some part of the germ or the poison that the germ makes; however, it does not make you sick. It is just enough for your body to recognize that it does not belong to you and will find a way to remove it out of your system.  Each time you have the same vaccine, your immune system will get better at removing the germs or poisons. So if you get exposed to the living germs for that disease, your immune system will be able to kill them.

Immunization is an easy and very safe way of protecting you and are usually given as an injection (by a needle in your arm or leg) or sometimes as a medicine that you drink.

Travel immunizations

You may get exposed to certain infections as you travel. Hence, it can easily spread from one country to another. It is important that before you travel you should be aware or well-informed of the country you are going to. Another safety precaution is to have an extra immunization before travelling. It decreases your chance to caught harmful germs.

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