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People With Diabetes At Risk For Severe COVID-19

People with diabetes are more likely to develop severe COVID-19. When people with diabetes develop a viral infection such as COVID-19, their treatment becomes more difficult. This is because of fluctuations in blood glucose levels and the possible presence of diabetes complications such as heart and kidney disease, among others.

Experts believe there are two possible reasons why people with diabetes are at risk for severe COVID-19. First, they have a weakened (compromised) immune system, making it harder for them to fight off the virus, which likely results to a longer recovery period. Second, their elevated blood glucose provides a conducive environment for the virus to thrive.

High blood sugar levels can also worsen inflammation (internal swelling) in people with diabetes who get sick with COVID-19. In turn, the increased inflammation could cause more severe complications.

Helpful Tips for Diabetics During Covid-19 Pandemic:
  1. Get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as you’re able to.
  2. Stay home as much as possible.
  3. Wear facemasks and face shields when going out.
  4. Practice physical distancing and hand hygiene.
  5. Work with your doctor to control blood sugar levels by adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking your prescribed medications.

Talk with your doctor for more information on managing diabetes and protecting yourself against COVID-19.

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