Is It Time to Get Your Flu Shot Now?

Its rainy season again and it’s also the flu season. The best way to avoid catching the flu is by […]

Ten Tips about Kids’ Vitamins

  In a perfect world, children would regularly eat a balanced, healthy diet. Their daily meals would include plenty of fresh […]

2 Golden Kiwis a Day can Boost your Brain

  If you are one of the persons who often feel weary and not refreshed in the morning, just take […]

1 Glass a Day, Dark Spots Away!

  Anyone who is now enjoying sipping some fruit and vegetable cold pressed juices, just try to change from your […]

Importance of Collagen to Skin Health and Vitality

  -Eric Michael Santos, Medical Observer

Cervical Cancer and the Importance of HPV Vaccination

  Who is at risk for cervical cancer? The Philippines has a population of about 34 million women ages 15 […]

Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

  True beauty does not exist in makeup and external appearance. Everyone displays more beauty if he or she takes […]

Busting Hypertension Myths

  Busting myths about ‘the silent killer’ HYPERTENSION has been called as ‘the silent killer.’ It strikes any moment. It […]

What is Hypertension ?

  Hypertension or high blood pressure is often called a “silent disease” because you usually don’t know that you have […]

Eating to Fight Hypertension: Nutrition Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure

  You may often hear people talking about high blood pressure, but do you really know what it is? When […]

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