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A sprained toe is a common condition characterized by damage or tearing of the connective tissue (which include ligaments, cartilage) of one or more toe joints.

Each of the feet toes (except the big toe) contains 3 small bones called phalanges. The big toe is composed of two phalanges. Each of the toe joints comprises of strong connective tissue wrapping around the bony ends and cartilage which lies between the joint surfaces.

During certain actions of the feet, stretching or compression forces are placed on the toe joints. If those forces are more because of too much repetition or high force, damage to the joints might also arise. This can also harm the cartilage or tear into the connective tissue surrounding the joint. When this takes place, the situation is known as a sprained toe and can affect one or more IP or MTP joints. The large toe is the most commonly affected, especially on the MTP joint. This condition is referred to as a primary metatarsophalangeal joint sprain.

A person with a sprained toe often suffers from toe pain at some stage. However, sufferers might also experience pain and stiffness after rest (in particular at night time or upon waking the subsequent morning).

Symptoms may be felt at the front, back or sides of the affected joint. Occasionally pain may be referred into the foot at the affected side.

Symptoms are normally exacerbated with sports that place stress at the affected joint which include walking, running, kicking, or leaping. In some cases, swelling or bruising can be present and the patient may additionally walk with a limp.

Ice your injury. As soon as you’ve injured your toe, apply ice. You can decrease swelling and soreness by icing the toe at least 4 times at some point of the day, for 15 minutes.

Put your toes up. Elevating your foot will relieve some pain, and it will additionally help stop the swelling. If you can lie out flat with your toe along your body, find a chair to prop your foot up on.

Take ibuprofen to lessen swelling. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug that will help reduce swelling and pain of your sprained toe. Ask your doctor about what dosage of Ibuprofen is most appropriate for you.

Provide your toe with a little more help. One way of helping a broken toe is to tape it to the neighboring toe; in this way, the other toe can function as a built-in splint. You also wear stiff soled footwear to have more cushioning.

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