Many people with diabetes develop diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Neuropathy damages the nerves causing loss of sensation or numbness in the legs and feet. This increases the risk of foot injury such as a cut or sore, which can lead to serious infections and complications. Peripheral vascular disease causes the blood vessels to become narrow, decreasing the blood flow to the legs and feet. Decreased blood flow slows down wound healing, which increases the chance of developing foot ulcers and infections.

Diabetic socks are specially designed to keep diabetic feet dry, decrease the risk of foot injury, and enhance blood circulation. They are a key part of foot care, which is an important aspect of diabetes management. Diabetic socks have unique design features that are not found in regular socks. These include:

  • Moisture-wicking material – pulls moisture away from the foot to allow sweat to evaporate, thereby keeping the foot dry and lowering the risk of blisters and wounds.
  • Seamless – reduces the risk of rubbing and blisters that could lead to ulcers.
  • Non-constricting/loose – promotes good blood circulation and enhances comfort.
  • Soft yarns made from bamboo and wool – have natural antimicrobial properties and are not likely to be abrasive against the skin
  • Made of fabrics that keep feet warm – helps improve blood circulation.
  • Padding/cushioning – helps prevent injury in sensitive areas (e.g. sole) and enhances comfort.
  • Non-elastic binding – designed to stay up without squeezing the calves, which can restrict blood flow.
  • White sole – helps alert wearers to a draining wound, open/bleeding cuts and sores that require immediate attention.
  • Anti-microbial technology – prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi; also eliminates bad odor.
  • Smart technology – embedded sensors track foot temperature in order to alert the wearer via an app if, for example, an ulcer is forming.
  • Varying lengths – diabetic socks are available in a variety of lengths. The over-the-knee diabetic socks may be the best choice for people with circulation issues.


Consult your doctor on whether you require diabetic socks and which type or brand is the best for you.


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