Zits can be inherited from your parents. This means that if they got pimples at your age you probably will too. In some cases, zits are brought by hormonal changes during puberty.

Under your skin there are glands which make oil to keep your skin healthy. At puberty these glands work harder making more oil which comes up through the tiny holes (pores) in your skin.

Sometimes germs [bacteria] get into the pores, making the oil thicker and harder so that it blocks the pore. This may be black at the top (blackhead), white (white-head) or it can be a sore (red with white pus).

You cannot avoid zits completely. However, you can do something to control outbreaks in your face or body. It may include:

  • Washing your skin with soap and water or cleanser morning and night. Washing more often just gets your body to make more oil! Or it can dry out your skin making it red, flaky and itchy.
  • Keeping your hair clean and off your face.
  • Trying not to touch the pimples, because germs on your fingers could make them worse.
  • Trying not to worry about them – remember that nearly everyone else gets zits sometimes.
  • Trying to get some fresh air and sunlight (not too much and remember your sunscreen and hat).
  • Using sunscreens with an alcohol base rather than cream, which can make things worse.
  • Trying to get regular exercise, sleep and a balanced low fat diet.
  • Drinking lots of water.
  • Staying away from cigarette smoke as it can irritate your skin.

Boys get them more than girls do and girls tend to get them around the time of their period.

  • Acne Products– A lot of products are now developed to help in pimple outbreak. However, it is much better to consult a dermatologist before using any product like this for it may cause more damage to your skin.
  • Astringents or Alcohol based skin cleansers– These will open the pores, clean and dry the skin and let the oil flow more freely.
  • Acne Lotions– These will only work if you use them for several weeks. You need to read the instructions carefully as some can make your skin sore if you go into the sun. Once a pimple has started no lotions will stop it from growing, but lotions sometimes stop it from coming.
  • Antibiotics- You can ask your doctor for antibiotics or other medications if you find that you are one of the people who need extra help.
  • Dermatologist- They are doctors’ expert in skin health. They may help you find the right treatment for your skin problem.
  • Herbal Acne Treatments- It might include taking capsules as well as putting lotions on the skin.

To prevent Acne from getting worse you must avoid:

  • Scratching, squeezing or picking at the pimples
  • High humidity, when it’s one of those hot and sticky days.
  • Stress, getting all uptight about things sometimes makes it worse.
  • Oily make-up, hair oil, hair gels and sprays.
  • Some medicines.

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