Generic Name: pemirolast (pem-EER-oh-last)

Brand Name: Alamast


Description: Pemirolast is a mast cell stabiliser that works by preventing the release of chemicals in the eye that cause allergy symptoms. It has also been used in the treatment of chronic asthma and prophylaxis of allergic rhinitis.

  • Prevention of eye itchiness due to allergies.
  • Also used in treatment of chronic asthma and allergic rhinitis prophylaxis.

How to use pemirolast

  • Always refer to your doctors instructions before taking this medication. Duration and dosage will be determined by your medical condition and its response to the medication. Make sure to take this medication in the prescribed amount and time period even after symptoms disappear. Discontinuing the medication before completion of treatment may cause incomplete treatment of condition. If Symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Pemirolast ophthalmic Pregnancy Warnings

Animal studies have revealed evidence of skeletal abnormalities and dilation of the renal pelvis and ureters in rats given pemirolast at 20,000 times the usual human dose. There are no controlled data in human pregnancy. Pemirolast undergoes low systemic absorption after ocular administration (average plasma concentration: 0.8 ng/mL). Pemirolast ophthalmic is only recommended for use during pregnancy when benefit outweighs risk.

Pemirolast ophthalmic Breastfeeding Warnings

There are no data on the excretion of pemirolast ophthalmic into human milk. It is excreted into rat milk at concentrations higher than in plasma. Pemirolast undergoes low systemic absorption after ocular administration (0.8 ng/mL). The manufacturer recommends caution when administering pemirolast ophthalmic to nursing women.

Minor side effects (if these symptoms persist or worsen, inform your doctor)

  • Chills, cough, fever, sneezing, sore throat, Back pain, burning feeling in eye, eyelid swelling, eye dryness, foreign body feeling in eye, general feeling of eye discomfort, increased itching of the eye, redness of the eye.

Serious side effects (inform your doctor immediately)

  • Cough (mucus-producing), headache (severe) , stomach pain and cramping, pain and tenderness around eyes and cheekbones, painful menstrual bleeding, runny or stuffy nose, tightness in chest, troubled breathing.
  • Inform your doctor.
    • Allergy to the medication or any allergies.
  • Should only be used when there is a clear need during pregnancy as it may harm an unborn baby. If you are planning to be pregnant or think you may be pregnant, discuss the risks and benefits of use with your doctor.
  • It is unknown if this drug passes into breast milk. Before breast-feeding, consult your physician.


If overdose is suspected, contact a poison control center or emergency room immediately.



Also marketed as

  • Alegysal [ Santen ]

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