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Mosquitoes live on all parts of the world. Female mosquitoes get small amount of blood from humans and animals. They lay eggs in stagnant water. Some of them can hibernate during winter season and live for many months.

Mosquito bites will cause redness, itching or swelling on the bitten area. Mosquito repellents are recommended to protect yourself.

Most of the time people can’t notice the first bite of some mosquito species while other species bites are painful.

You will have the following reactions as a result of mosquito bites:

  • White bump with a red dot in the middle, appear immediately after the bite
  • Bitten are will get swollen
  • Appearance of small blisters
  • Developing dark spots

In people who have weak immune system and children, the common mosquito bite symptoms are:

  • Redness and swelling
  • Low fever
  • Swelling in lymph nodes
  • Headache

If needed consult you should consult your doctor regarding mosquito bites.

In most cases mosquito bites cause swelling and redness. Applying cold compress on the swollen area which will alleviate the discomfort and swelling.

If you experience itchiness which is also a common reaction to a mosquito bite, you can take mild anti-itching drugs and histamines.

You can also take anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen.

If you are interested in home remedies, try the following tip:

Mix baking soda with water and form a paste. You can apply it on the affected area. Calamine lotion can also be helpful.

It is recommended to consult with your doctor before using any new medicines. If you have severe symptoms, you have to visit your doctor right away.

Children might react to the itching due to a mosquito bite. Ensure that children have their fingernails short in order to avoid scratching after a mosquito bite.

Normally mosquito bites don’t cause severe reactions however if you experience body pain, fever or headache you have to consult a doctor. Sometimes the allergic reactions that develop after a mosquito bite are caused by mosquito-borne diseases like dengue or malaria

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