When a lad is born with a duplicate copy of the X chromosome, he might have Klinefelter syndrome. Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic problem that affects males, and usually, until adulthood, it is not yet identified.

Most guys suffering from Klinefelter Syndrome make a small amount of sperm or no sperm at all. This syndrome may also be a hindrance or affect testicular growth, which can lead to little than normal testicles, that can end up producing a lower amount of testosterone.

Klinefelter Syndrome’s effects might be different from people who are experiencing it. They do not have the same symptoms and signs. The said syndrome may have an impact like a lower amount of body and facial hair, more prominent breast tissue, and a lessened mass of the muscle.


There is a wide diversity of signs and symptoms with men with the disorder. Until adulthood, the state of a guy suffering from this syndrome may not be identified yet or may never be identified. Still, for some guys, their country has a visible outcome on their physical appearance or their growth.

The symptoms and signs may also be different by age:


  • Muscles are lacking with strength and energy
  • Delay in talking

Boys and Teenagers

  • More significant than the usual height
  • Small member (male)
  • Having problems in communicating and showing thoughts and feelings.
  • Having difficulty in writing, reading, math, or spelling.


  • A small amount of sperm or no sperm
  • Muscles were lacking with strength and energy.
  • Small member (male)


Your doctor will ask series and thorough questions regarding your symptoms and about your health. Your doctor will probably conduct a final physical exam. This includes evaluating growth,  inspecting reflexes by conducting tests,  investigating the private parts, and chest.

These are the first tests used in identifying Klinefelter Syndrome:

  • Chromosome Analysis – To evaluate the shape and number of chromosomes, a sample of blood is being sent to the lab. Another term known for Chromosome Analysis is  “Karyotype analysis.”
  • Hormone Testing –A sample of blood or urine is needed because it tells if someone has unusual hormone levels that are one of Klinefelter Syndrome’s symptoms.



Even though there are no chances of fixing the changes in the sex chromosome because of Klinefelter Syndrome, treatments can help in decreasing the effects. The earlier the recognition of the syndrome and the earlier the therapy has started, the higher the outcome.

Here are the following:

  • Breast tissue removal – For males who grew up with expanded breasts, a plastic surgeon can remove the excess breast tissue to have a more usual-looking chest.
  • Physical and Speech Therapy –This therapy helps the guys who suffer from Klinefelter Syndrome who are having a hard time speaking, language and suffering from muscle weakness.
  • Educational assessment and report – Several guys who are suffering from Klinefelter Syndrome are having a hard time communicating and studying. If you have a son who has Klinefelter Syndrome, talking to his teacher, school nurse, or school counsellor will help you in learning what kind of things needed for your child to support him in studying.

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