How To Avoid Getting Sick During The Rainy Season

How To Avoid Getting Sick During The Rainy Season

In a tropical country like the Philippines, while the rainy season marks the end of extreme heat experienced during summer, it also kick starts the flu season. Keeping your body healthy is one way to ward off illnesses during this season. It may be a challenge to keep oneself on tip-top shape, but here are some simple ways you can do to prevent getting sick. Stay healthy and productive during the rainy season with the following steps.

1. Stay Indoors

Staying at home is one of the ways to prevent getting sick during a rainy weather. It keeps you from being contaminated with germs and protects you from common diseases like leptospirosis which is a bacterial disease you can get from having an exposed wound contaminated with water containing animal urine.

2. Take Vitamins And Supplements Everyday

Supplements help in keeping the body at its best state. Taking supplements is more important during a season when you are more prone to getting sick. Alongside consuming a balanced diet and doing regular exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements need to be taken every day or as advised by your doctor. Vitamins A, C (Abscorbic Acid), E, and Zinc help maintain healthy bodies and ensure lesser chance of getting sick.

3. Maintain a Healthy Body

Your body can be better protected against illnesses like common colds, coughs, and influenza during rainy season. A healthy body starts with eating only freshly sourced and well-prepared foods containing essential vitamins and minerals. Fruits, vegetables, and other freshly picked produce help fill your body with needed nutrients to keep it at its top shape. It is also best to keep an active lifestyle. Regular exercise allows your body to function at optimum at all times regardless of the season.

Since there’s no guarantee of not getting sick, it’s better to be ready for anything changing seasons throw at you. Make sure that you’re ready to be illness-free this season by getting your health and wellness supplies at


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