How Can I Protect Myself From Germs?

Pollution, climate change, and the growing population are increasing your chances of being exposed to germs daily. Given the rising risk of getting an illness, you need to protect your health. There are many ways to prepare your body from threats posed by germs and viruses. Here are some simple practices that if done daily help ward off germs:

Practice Good Hygiene

Handwashing is one of the ways to combat diseases caused by germs and viruses. The human hand is the most common mode in which germs are passed from one person to another. These germs and viruses are among the many factors behind you getting sick. Proper body care is also vital. It is a must to maintain a thoroughly clean body at all times as a protection against germs.

Consume Healthy and Well-prepared Food

It may sound a bit surprising but the food you eat may also contain germs. Food-borne diseases are caused by germs and viruses found on meats, fruits, and vegetables bought from the market. You can be guarded against these threats by properly cleaning your ingredients. Additionally, you need to ensure that the food you consume was properly cooked. Heat can kill germs and viruses. Aside from ensuring that you are eating well-prepared food, it is also best if you consume freshly picked ingredients that provide all the nutrients your body needs.


Many medical professionals and advocates have been talking about the importance of vaccination in preventing the widespread occurrence of diseases. Researchers proved that vaccination is an effective method to combat infectious diseases. Vaccines are all formulated to protect your body from any communicable diseases you may encounter every day or during travels. If you are an adult, it is also a must to have your vaccinations up to date to prevent illnesses caused by infections.

Good hygiene starts with using the right products for your body. Get the most recommended soaps, hand sanitizers, and other essentials at your nearest Watson’s store or through our online store.




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