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Natural hair texture, after washing, may not return to its usual state. Depending on the amount of harm, curls often appear slightly or extremely looser from its natural form or the curl could be compromised all together. This leaves you with frizzy hair.

With heat damaged hair, the ends of your hair may be experiencing broken ends and continuing damage. The hair feels dry and hard and appears dull.


  • Moisturize your hair with humectants. Humectants has a chemical material that attracts water from the air so this means more humectants will keep moisture within your hair in addition to containing protein and botanicals.
  • Applying leave-on conditioners also can assist in keeping extra moisture for your strands to soak up.
  • Deep conditioning treatments. To attain the best results out of your deep conditioner, wrap your hair with a warm towel and leave for 10-20 minutes.
  • Try to leave your hair slightly damp more frequently by spritzing water on your strands.
  • Purchase conditioners which have good moisture-preserving abilities which can repair moisture, so look for ingredients such as mineral oils, silicones, amino acid and or panthenol.
  • Hot oil treatments that may be left in overnight may be used then wash your hair in the morning with an all-natural shampoo or your favorite conditioner.
  • Your hair is made up of proteins so eat a diet rich in proteins such as vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, and many others.
  • Cut the hair that has been damaged. Depending on the severity of the hair damage, the heat damage may be irreversible.

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