Gilbert-Lereboullet syndrome is a mild genetic liver disorder in which the body can’t properly process bilirubin, a yellowish waste product made when old or worn-out red blood cells are broken down (hemolysis). People with Gilbert syndrome have high bilirubin levels called hyperbilirubinemia. It is because they have less of a specific liver enzyme needed to get rid of bilirubin.

Moreover, most people who have it don’t have any symptoms or only mild ones, like yellowing skin, mucous membranes, and whites of the eyes. Also, Gilbert syndrome may not be apparent until adolescence.


Most people who have symptoms have Gilbert-Lereboullet syndrome, which is caused by too much bilirubin in the blood. Gilbert’s syndrome can turn your skin and the whites of your eyes yellow, but it isn’t dangerous.

People with Gilbert’s syndrome can sometimes also have:

In addition, people with Gilbert’s syndrome may also exhibit jaundice if these things cause their bilirubin levels to rise:

  • Dehydration
  • Fasting or skipping meals
  • Illness or infections
  • Menstruation
  • Overexertion (too much physical activity)
  • Stress


Gilbert-Lereboullet syndrome is a congenital disability. Blood testing frequently reveals elevated bilirubin levels. Diagnosis usually comes when teenagers or young adults obtain blood testing for anything else.

  • Liver function tests. Assess how well your liver works and measure bilirubin levels.
  • Genetic tests. To check for the gene mutation that causes Gilbert’s syndrome.


Gilbert-Lereboullet syndrome is often not treated because it is thought to be a mild condition. Even though the syndrome lasts a lifetime, it rarely significantly affects your health as a whole. Also, it doesn’t make you more likely to get liver disease or other health problems.

When Gilbert syndrome is present, it usually only lasts a short time and goes away on its own. You may find that making changes to your lifestyle, like drinking enough water, dealing with stress, and eating meals at regular times, can reduce the number of Gilbert syndrome episodes you have.

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