Food label is a panel on a package of food, which contains a variety of information about the product or food item.

These labels give information such as:

  • Name of the food
  • Name and address of the company who made the food
  • All the ingredients in the food
  • Percentage of some ingredients is in the food
  • Allergy warnings
  • Nutrition Information Panel

Date Marking

  • ‘Use by’ date on fresh food tells when it might no longer be safe to eat that food
  • ‘Best before’ date on canned or packet foods tells you that the food will not be at its best after that date.

Nutrition Information

The Nutrition Information panel tells what amounts of energy, protein, fats (saturated and total fats), carbohydrates (including sugar), and sodium (salt) are in the food. The serving size tells you how much is in a serve of that food.

Percentage Information

The percentage information on some packaging tells what percentage of some ingredients there are in the food. For example, normal milk (full cream milk) has 4% fat.

All ingredients are listed by order of weight. The largest amount listed first, down to the smallest amount listed last.

Allergy Warnings

Many people have allergies to foods, especially kids and young people. There has to be information on the label if there is even the smallest amount of foods like peanuts, seafood, fish, milk, tree nuts, eggs and soybeans in the product, as they are the most common allergens.

Food Additives and its Uses

Food additives can come from plants or other natural things, or they can be chemicals that are specially- made. These additives may preserve, enhance, thickens, and make the food attractive.

The list of additives must be by their name and chemical name, or by number. People who know they are allergic to something should find out what name and number to look out for and avoid.

GM foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods that have been alter in some way by adding genes from another food or animal. The label will show if there are any genetically modified ingredients in the product.

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