Cleanse and pamper your body with Watsons bath and body care products

Taking a bath or a shower provides great physical and mental health benefits. It cleans your skin, helping avoid irritation, inflammation and sores caused by dead skin cell accumulation. Bathing or showering clears away bacteria and fungi on your skin thereby lowering your risk of infection. It relieves stress, helps you sleep better, and soothes aching muscles and joints.

You use your hands daily, and they go through a lot. This is why a hand care routine should be part of your everyday skincare. This will prevent dryness and irritation, and help keep your hands smooth, supple, healthy and clean.

Watsons, your wellness and beauty partner, offers a wide range of must-have bath and body care products to help give your body all the cleansing and pampering it deserves.

Lavender and Chamomile Scented Gel Hand Wash cleanses and nourishes your skin with Moisture Boost Technology, for clean, soft, and smooth skin. Its mild formulation is free from harsh ingredients, giving you the top-to-toe nurturing you deserve.

Carroten Eco Sun Moisturizing Suncare Milk Spray SPF30 is a high-protection sunscreen that provides enhanced protection to the skin against the largest spectrum of ultraviolet rays. Its mild, hypoallergenic formula cares for even the most sensitive skin and minimize the risk of allergic reactions. It is easy to apply and comes in an eco-friendly packaging designed to reduce its environmental footprint.

Nivea Extra Bright 10 Super Vitamins & Skin Food Serum in Lotion SPF 15 contains 10 effective power ingredients (6 vitamins, 4 skin foods) for visibly brighter skin in just 7 days. It reduces stubborn dark spots, repairs dry dulled skin, and protects the skin from harsh sunlight.

Vaseline SPF 50+ PA++++ Daily Protection & Brightening Serum SPF 15 has a unique formula designed to protect from the top 5 sources of skin damage whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Its potent mineral sunscreen helps to prevent dullness and damage from UVA rays while its SPF50 protects against UVB rays that cause pigmentation. Its Pollution Protection Formula (PPF) nourishes and shields skin after being exposed to harmful pollutant particles. Its niacinamide content provides protection against blue light effects and repairs skin cells. It contains serum that coats skin with moisture and leaves a comfortable feeling.

SnailWhite White Soap is a moisturizing beauty soap that nourishes and refreshes skin while removing dirt and excess oil. Its creamy lather gently cleanses and helps restore nutrient-rich hydration to skin. Level up your cleansing every day for smoother, softer, and glowing skin all over.

Dove Deo Dry Serum Collagen Vit B3 absorbs quickly and contains serum ingredients that penetrate underarm skin 20 layers deep. Enriched with collagen and vitamin B3 concentrate, it is clinically proven to accelerate skin renewal and remove and prevent underarm dark marks for naturally beautiful, even-toned underarms.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Hand Wash cleanses your hands with a special formulation enriched with ¼ moisturizing cream to leave you with soft, smooth skin. To transform your daily hand washing routine into an act of beauty for your skin, just dispense a pump of the hand wash into your hands and work into a rich lather before rinsing away.

Dove Body Wash Deeply Nourishing has revolutionary NUTRIUM MOISTURE™ alongside mild cleansers and 1/4 moisturizing cream, that nourishes better than milk to help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving you with softer, smoother skin. It creates a rich lather that replenishes your skin’s nutrients while also leaving it feeling cared for and clean. Its gentle formula helps maintain your skin’s moisture barrier while delivering natural skin nourishment that goes deep into the surface layers of your skin. Suitable for daily use.

Body Treats Fresh and Clean Hand Soap Clean Cotton is a rich and clean hand liquid soap that cleans and moisturizes your hands in one application. It contains Vitamin E to prevent your hands from drying. It’s paraben-free, so it’s gentle and safe on skin. Available in 10 refreshing scents at Buy One Take One!

Dr. Sensitive Niacinamide Salicylic Acid Soap 120G works like magic in clearing your skin. It gently cleanses while treating pimples, healing and lightening pimple scars. Formulated with Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Vitamin C, it yields smoother, brighter, and more refined pores. Grab one for only P139 for 120G. Available also in twin pack (90G x 2) for only P199.

Shop at Watsons for essential bath and body care products.

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