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Choosing a Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitoring your blood pressure (BP) at home regularly is an important part of managing high blood pressure (hypertension). Controlling hypertension lowers your risk of developing serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease, among others.

A variety of home BP monitors are available in the market, and you don’t need a prescription to purchase one.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good home blood pressure monitor:

  • Doctors recommend a digital BP monitor, as it is easier to use. While less expensive, an aneroid BP monitor can be complicated to use and damaged easily, and become less accurate.
  • Digital BP monitors with an arm cuff are the most accurate. Those with finger and wrist cuffs do not always give correct BP measurements, are sensitive to cuff placement and body temperature, and are expensive.
  • Check whether the cuff fits your arm. Wrong cuff size can affect the accuracy of BP readings.
  • Look at the display of the digital BP monitor. The numbers on the monitor should be clear and easy to read.

Talk with your doctor for more information on choosing a home blood pressure monitor that’s right for you.

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