Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a symptom that generally describe as a painful sensation in the mouth including the tongue, lips or palate. This condition may create discomfort for the whole mouth and may last for months or longer.

There are two types of BMS according to the cause. These are:

  • Primary Burning Mouth Syndrome – In this condition, the cause of BMS is not identified. It may be just a symptom of another disease.
  • Secondary Burning Mouth Syndrome- The cause of BMS is identified, including:
    • Hormonal Changes
    • Allergies
    • Dry Mouth
    • Medication
    • Nutritional Deficiency (Specifically, Iron, Zinc, Or Vitamin B)
    • Mouth Infection
    • Acid Reflux

Aside from pain, other symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome may include:

  • Tingling or Numbness
  • A Metallic Taste
  • Alterations In The Taste Sensation (Dysgeusia)
  • Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)


Burning Mouth Syndrome is usually a symptom of another health condition or disease. To diagnose the underlying problem of BMS, the doctor might perform:

  • Blood Test
  • Oral Swab
  • Allergy Test
  • Salivary Flow Test



Several treatments may be used for BMS since it has many causes. For Primary BMS, treatments just ease the symptoms since the cause may be an underlying health problem. It may include:

  • Sucking on small ice chips to lessen the burning sensation.
  • Avoiding citrus fruits or any acidic foods.
  • Choose toothpaste that will attend to your sensitive mouth. You may also rinse your mouth with a mixture of baking soda in lukewarm water to neutralize acid and cool the burning sensation.
  • Avoiding stress and practicing relaxation techniques.
  • Avoiding alcoholic beverages.

Treatment for Secondary BMS may include:

  • For Acid Reflux – Drugs that neutralizes acid in the stomach.
  • For Dry Mouth – Taking medications such as capsaicin, mineral and vitamin supplements (B, Folate, Zinc, and Iron), and chewing sugar-free gums containing sorbitol to stimulate saliva formation.
  • Mouth Infection – Pain relievers.

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