Bradley Method for Childbirth talks about methods during labor, or delivering the child. When discussing childbirth, mothers must know their options well. This includes medical intervention or all-natural methods. If you are an expectant mother who wants a medication-free birthing experience, then you should consider the Bradley Method for Childbirth.

This was developed by obstetrician Dr. Robert Bradley in 1947. The Bradley Method for Childbirth is an option grounded on one central idea: birth is a natural process. It seeks to direct women towards delivery without the need for any pain medication. A woman can make thorough preparations during pregnancy and deliver a baby in a pain-free manner through this method.

Pregnant women who wish to follow the Bradley Method are encouraged to trust their bodies by eating healthy, exercising, and managing stress during the pregnancy period. The Bradley Method is commonly offered as a 12-week program that aims to teach the couples all there is to know and practice: from breathing exercises to husband participation during childbirth.


What should I expect from the Bradley Method?

Childbirth can be daunting and overwhelming. From the first trimester to labor, couples must deal with both the physical and mental stresses that come with bringing life into the world. The Bradley Method seeks to guide couples throughout the journey of pregnancy.

The primary goal of the Bradley Method is to ensure that the mother and the child are kept safe and healthy naturally. Teachers claim that 86% of moms who practiced the Bradley Method successfully delivered without any medication. 

The Bradley method teaches women how to eat healthily and exercise routine throughout pregnancy. For pain management, natural breathing exercises are taught.

Aside from its clear physical advantages, the Bradley Method also advocates emotional and mental well-being. The 12-week program also teaches exercises aimed to combat pregnancy and labor-related stress and anxiety. The method also encourages husbands to take an active role during the whole process.

As mentioned, women must trust their bodies for the Bradley Method to work. To achieve this, Dr. Bradley formulated the “six needs of the laboring woman”. They are as follows:

  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Darkness
  • Closed Eyes
  • Quiet
  • Comfort


How do I begin with the Bradley Method?

The Bradley Method is often taught in 12-week programs and includes a series of classes that you should attend regularly. The expectant mom and the partner are both expected to take part in the program. 

While the pace at which you want to begin generally depends on you, it is recommended that you start the program in the fifth month of pregnancy or just a month before the second trimester ends. This Bradley Method is used to ensure that you have enough time to prepare and practice before labor. 

The 12-week program should cover everything you need to know to gear you up for labor. This program includes baby development, exercise, relaxation, stress and pain management, and many more. 

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