Arsenic poisoning, or also known as arsenicosis, happens after the consumption or the intake of a high amount of arsenic. Arsenic is a kind of carcinogen that is identified as white, silver, and gray color. It is considered as one of the tremendously poisonous toxins to people. The thing that makes arsenic more harmful is that it does not have a smell and flavor, so you are prone to it without any warnings. 

They are applied in mining and agriculture, and it tends to take place in workplaces, even in residential areas. Soluble defunct arsenic can have instant harmful effects after it is ingested in the body. 


The symptoms of arsenic poisoning depend on the amount of arsenic a person has ingested or inhaled. These are the primary symptoms:

  • Changes in skin, for instance, lesions
  • Swollen or reddish skin
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal problems
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Cramps of the muscles
  • Tingling of fingers

Exposure to arsenic for an extended period may cause more extreme symptoms. You must seek medical help if you encounter any of these symptoms. 

  • Changes in skin color (darkening)
  • Continual sore throat
  • Continual digestive problems

The symptoms of arsenic poisoning tend to start in the skin after long-term exposure, and in other cases, it can lead to death if it’s not treated immediately.


Diagnosis of arsenic poisoning needs medical expertise. It will not just help you to know the real cause of your symptoms, but it can help you identify other existing issues that need proper medication. There are examinations to estimate the level of arsenic in your body with the aid of the following samples:

  • Hair
  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Nails

These examinations are usually applied to severe exposure of arsenic that has occurred within days, and it can calculate the amount of arsenic in six months of exposure.


Arsenic poisoning has no particular treatment. The best thing to do is to remove exposure to arsenic. Recovery of poisoning depends on your exposure period and also the seriousness of it. 

There are alternative supplements that have been used to prevent the effects of arsenic; it includes selenium and vitamin E. It is essential to take this supplement for you to reduce the symptoms and eliminate the poisons in your body.

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