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6 Easy Ways on How to Love Your Joints


We often experience joint pain every now and then. It is actually a very common symptom, which may be due to many conditions, such as arthritis or injuries. If you are experiencing joint pain, you should find various ways on how to take care of your joints well!

Here are some ways on how to love your joints more:

1. Use your joints well

It might sound simple, yet always remember that your smaller joints cannot handle more load than your large, stronger ones. That said, when opening heavy doors, use your shoulders and hips than your hand or wrist.

2. Keep your weight healthy

Being overweight puts you at a higher risk for joint pain,  because it puts additional stress on your weight-bearing joints. One recent study done in the US have shown that even just a pound of weight lost can reduce around 4 pounds of knee joint load while doing everyday tasks.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise can help you control your weight to normal levels and can even give you boosted energy levels as well as help counteract joint swelling and stiffness. However, bear in mind that you should choose activities that won’t give your joints too much strain.

4. Never take an injury for granted

Indeed, even the most harmless bump can add to cartilage damage and can lead to severe joint pain and arthritis, especially among the elderly. So, if you have recurrent pain or a joint injury, you should have yourself checked out by your doctor.

5. Quit smoking

Smoking even just a few cigarettes a day, like between one to seven sticks a day, can increase your risk for rheumatoid arthritis. If you are smoking now, stop!

6. Consume some fish

Fatty fish like tuna, salmon, sardines or mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are antioxidants that can decrease your risk for rheumatoid arthritis by 50%. Thats according to a study done in Sweden.

Now that you know how to take care of your joints, why not start following these tips now?


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