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Why Your Child Needs a Back-to-School Check-up


Summer is coming to an end, and it`s time to go back to school. Along with shopping for new uniforms and school supplies, parents should schedule kids for their back-to-school check-ups.

But why should your child have a back-to-school check-up? Many doctors are suggesting this to ensure regular development, healthy growth, and protection from common diseases. Good nutrition, physical activity, and immunizations are effective in preventing diseases among children. Many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, and obesity can be detected, assessed and treated early during an annual back-to-school check-up.

Here are more reasons why you should make your kids undergo a back-to-school check-up.

1. Health Monitoring

A back-to-school check-up will allow your doctor to monitor your kid`s height, weight, vision, hearing, and growth. Oftentimes, during a regular medical check-up, a child may complain that he or she cannot see the eye chart and may, therefore, need glasses. The child may not speak up if not during a check-up and the issue may get undetected. This medical check-up will also enable the doctor to monitor diet and exercise, as well as weight changes. It will also allow you to stay informed on your kid`s growth and development over time. For teenagers, this is an important time to cope with problems along with smoking, alcohol drinking, sexual activity and depression.

The check-up will also enable your doctor to learn more about your family`s medical history and whether there are any medical problems that may concern your child`s future.

2. Meeting Milestones

A back-to-school check-up includes a developmental assessment and evaluates your kid`s physical, social, emotional, and motor development. It also determines whether your child is ready for school and if his or her skills, knowledge and attitude for school success are present. Your doctor will be able to measure these milestones until adolescence.

3. Immunizations

Many schools require vaccines and immunizations during the school year. If your child is new to his or her school, better ask the teachers whether there are medical requirements and let your doctor know. These medical requirements may often differ from the shots that your doctor will recommend.

4. Reviewing Medicines and Supplements

At the start of the school year, you should ask your doctor about whether your kid needs to continue his or her medicines (if he or she has) or vitamins and supplements. Get prescriptions from your doctor and a list of their exact dosages. Your doctor may also check for your kid`s allergies, so make sure that you obtain a list of foods or allergens that your child needs to avoid.

5. Sports Physical Exam

If your child participates in sports, most likely he or she may need a sports physical exam. Let your doctor know whatever sports your kid is playing and if needed, you can obtain a signed form that your child is fit for physical activity.

6. Dental checkups

A back-to-school check-up is also the best time for a dental check-up. Your dentist may do some dental cleaning right away so that you don`t have to take your child out of school during the school year. This is also the best time for proper teeth alignment and positioning.

7. Vision and Hearing Checkups

As previously mentioned, eye problems need to be detected before school starts. It is important to have your child`s vision checked at least once a year. Vision problems can a disrupt a child`s interest in learning.

Ears should also be checked. You may schedule a visit with an audiologist to check your child`s ability to recognize sounds.


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