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5 Essential Facts about Cervical Cancer that Every Woman Must Know

  Cervical cancer is the second common cancer among females in the Philippines. According to an estimate, 7,277 new patients […]

5 Easy and Natural Tips to Treat your Thyroid

  This infographics explains the top 5 easy and natural tips to treat your thyroid. Follow these tips and say […]

5 Helpful Sleep Tips for Drivers and Passengers

  The month of May was the Road Safety Month and it aimed to promote road safety among Filipinos. It […]

Effective Must-Know Tips on How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

  According to the Department of Health, cervical cancer is said to be the leading cancer among women in the […]

6 Life-Saving Tips: How to Avoid Road Rage

  These days, seeing news of road rage on the headlines is no longer a rare occurrence. Well, with a […]

Symptoms of Malaria Everyone Should Know About

  Have you experienced having malaria or do you know someone who had one? Malaria is a parasitic infection that is […]

First Aid Tips for a Stiff Neck

  Are you always having stiff neck? There are many reasons for a stiff neck, ranging from preventable causes such […]

6 Head and Neck Exercises to Get Rid of Stiff Neck

  Neck is one of the important parts of our body. This gives you the reason to take care of […]

5 Proven Ways to Prevent Malaria

  Prevention is better than cure! Take these tips to prevent malaria.

6 Effective Tips for Preventing Summer Illnesses

  Here are some important tips to prevent heat-related illnesses during summer!  

7 Incredible Sun Myths and Facts That You Must Know

  Summertime is meant for everyone to have the best adventures in life. The sun shines at its best during […]

Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion: Know the Warning Signs

  During hot weather, there is a high chance for heat-related illnesses to occur, such as heat exhaustion and heat […]

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