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Top Vitamins for Strong Immunity and Healthy Skin

Vitamins are essential nutrients present in fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods. Getting adequate amounts of vitamins is vital for optimal health and body functioning.

These are the key vitamins that strengthen your immune system and keep your skin healthy.

Vitamin A

  • It helps maintain the natural defenses in your body that help trap bacteria and other harmful organisms.
  • It protects your skin against sun damage, helps moisturize skin, and supports faster wound healing.


Vitamin C

  • It promotes the production of infection-fighting white blood cells, enhances their function, and protects them against damage. Studies show that vitamin C may hasten wound healing.
  • It plays an essential role in the skin’s defense system. It helps strengthen the skin’s barriers.


Vitamin E

  • It helps the body fight off infection. It supports the growth of immune cells that fight disease-causing germs and trigger an effective immune response.
  • It keeps your skin healthy by reducing cell damage and strengthening the skin’s cell walls. When applied on the skin, vitamin E absorbs harmful ultraviolet light from the sun, which helps prevent dark spots and wrinkles.

Consult your doctor for more information on strengthening your immune system and whether multivitamin supplementation is right for you.

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