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5 Essential Facts about Cervical Cancer that Every Woman Must Know

  Cervical cancer is the second common cancer among females in the Philippines. According to an estimate, 7,277 new patients and 3,807 deaths are anticipated yearly because of cervical cancer. ...

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Effective Must-Know Tips on How to Prevent Cervical Cancer - WatsonsHealth

Effective Must-Know Tips on How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

  According to the Department of Health, cervical cancer is said to be the leading cancer among women in the Philippines. In their study, it is estimated that there will ...

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10 Things Women Need to Know about Cervical Cancer

  Cancer of the cervix originates in the cells lining the cervix (or uterine cervix) located at the lower part of the uterus which connects to the upper vagina or ...

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Cervical Cancer – How & Why You Should Prevent It

    -Medical Observer

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