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A skin cyst is a kind of skin disease that is very common and harmless. This fluid-filled lump underneath the skin may get well even without treatment. Cysts are sometimes misunderstood as boils or skin abscesses. Boils and abscesses that develop in the skin are very painful because of collections of pus that result in infection.

Even though they are not cancerous, a cyst can be irritating somehow. A cyst is not that harmful and is a non-cancerous type of skin illness.

Sometimes a skin cyst grows slowly but it doesn’t cause too much pain. However they become infected; that’s why it may turn red and swollen.

Proper care can diminish discomfort and pain.

Skin cysts are of several types:

Epidermoid cysts are usually found on the face, neck, shoulder or skin around the private area. This mostly affects young and middle-aged people. They are not inheritable.

Pilar cysts are formed around the hair follicles that are usually found in the scalp. This kind of cyst is hereditary.

Meibomian cysts are usually found on the eyelids. Any age group can be affected by it.



Skin cyst often become red, swollen or tender, and can be treated using home remedies like warm moist compress to relieve discomfort.


Your doctor will do physical examination. Sometimes, an ultrasound is requested to identify the contents of the cyst.

Punch biopsy may also be done which involves the removal of a small amount of skin tissue from the cyst to be examined in laboratory. This is done to rule out cancer.



The doctor can drain fluids in the cyst using a needle. He/she will give proper medications like corticosteroid injections to diminish inflammation and infection

Your doctor can remove the cyst through surgery if it is a cancerous one.

Cysts aren’t harmless unless it causes any problems. A harmless cyst can be left alone and can be heal by itself through time.

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