Salicylic acid and coal tar mixture is used to treat dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis of the scalp.

  • It is used to treat dandruff
  • It is used to deal with psoriasis
  • It is used to control seborrheic dermatitis
  • Tell all your health care providers that you use this medicine. This consists of your doctor, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists.
  • Certain acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can bring about life-threatening hypersensitive reactions or infections. Before first use, you may want to follow certain steps to make sure you do not have hypersensitivity. Use coal tar and salicylic acid as directed or read the package label. Talk with your doctor.
  • This may additionally stain fingernails, hair, and skin.
  • Protect clothing and fabrics from staining.
  • Talk with your doctor before you use different drugs or products to your skin.
  • If you are getting any form of light treatments or laser treatments, communicate with your health practitioner
  • Do not use longer than you’ve been instructed by your health practitioner
  • You may get sunburned more easily. Avoid solar, sunlamps, and tanning beds. Use sunscreen and put on clothing and eyewear that protects you from the sun.
  • Use of different skin products while using this product may also create greater irritation.
  • This substance may cause damage if swallowed. If coal tar and salicylic acid is swallowed, call a health practitioner or poison clinic right away.
  • Never give to children who are getting better from flu signs, chickenpox, or other viral infections because of the chance of Reye’s syndrome. Reye’s syndrome can cause complications to the brain and liver.
  • Tell your medical doctor in case you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant. You will need to speak to your doctor about the benefits and dangers of using this product if you are pregnant.
  • Inform your doctor if you are breastfeeding and ask him about the risk that the medicine may give to you and your child.
  • Signs of an hypersensitivity reaction, like rash, hives, itching, swelling, blistered or peeling skin with or without fever, wheezing, tightness in the chest or throat, trouble breathing or speaking, unusual hoarseness or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat.
  • Very terrible skin infection
  • Irritation wherein coal tar and salicylic acid is used
  • Do not use if you have allergy to coal tar, salicylic acid or any product containing it
  • If you’re allergic to this product or any drugs, foods, or different substances, tell your doctor
  • Exercise caution if you have lupus or if you have light sensitive skin
  • Consult your doctor before stopping, changing or starting this medication.

If you think there is an overdose, contact your poison control center or get hospital therapy right away.


Available Brands:

Ionil T, Neutrogena T/Sal, Tarsum, X-Seb T Pearl, X-Seb T Plus

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