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Patient Education Key to Managing Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic (long-term) condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. Insulin is a hormone that enables sugar (glucose) to enter your cells to produce energy. Type 1 diabetes usually develops during childhood or adolescence, although it can develop in adults as well.

Despite continuous research, a cure for type 1 diabetes has yet to be discovered. As such, treatment focuses on managing blood sugar levels with injectable insulin, diet and lifestyle to prevent complications.

Self-management is important in diabetes care. Doctors encourage patients with type 1 diabetes to learn how to use a blood glucose meter (glucometer) to help them monitor and manage their blood sugar levels and adjust their insulin dose accordingly. An international study showed that patients who received education on type 1 diabetes were more likely to practice self-management than those who had not. Moreover, patients who practiced self-management were more likely to achieve optimal blood sugar control over the long term than those who did not.

As with other chronic conditions that require long-term management, patient education plays an important role in the optimal management of type 1 diabetes. Armed with accurate information on their condition, patients are empowered to make informed and wise healthcare decisions, and are motivated to take a proactive role in their health care in partnership with their doctor. Patients may also consult pharmacists who are trained to provide education and counseling on blood glucose management, diet, and exercise.

With a better understanding of their disease and its treatment goals, patients are more likely to take their prescribed medications and adopt a healthier lifestyle. All these positive steps ultimately result in improved health and enhanced quality of life for patients.

Consult your doctor for more information on diabetes prevention. 

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