Paracetamol and Propyphenazone are pain relievers and fever reducers.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Unlike many other psychoactive substances, it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world

Relief of pain, e.g. mild to severe headache, toothache, menstrual discomfort, post-operative and rheumatic pain, pain and fever associated with colds and flu.

Hypersensitivity to pyrazolones or related compd, phenylbutazone-containing products, paracetamol, acetylsalicylic acid or proven allergy to caffeine; inherited G6PD deficiency (evidenced by hemolytic anemia), acute hepatic porphyria. Do not take during pregnancy and lactation. Should not be given to children less than12 years old or

Common side effects includes nausea, low fever, vomiting, stomach ache, loss of appetite, dark urine, tarry stool, yellowing of the skin or eyes.


Give with caution to patients with liver (e.g. chronic alcohol abuse or hepatitis) and kidney impairment, Gilbert’s syndrome, and hematopoietic dysfunction.

Do not take for prolonged period as it may lead to analgesic nephropathy (kidney damage), irreversible kidney insufficiency, chronic headaches, asthma, and chronic rhinitis or chronic urticaria.



Hypnotics, phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine, rifampicin, propanthelin, metoclopramide, chloramphenicol, zidovudine, barbiturates, antihistaminics, benzodiazepines, oral contraceptives, cimetidine, disulfiram, theophylline, ephedrine, smoking, alcohol.

Consult a doctor immediately in case of overdose. Symptoms of overdose include loss of appetite, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, constipation, diarrhea, blurred vision, weakness, excessive sweating and confusion. Jaundice, dark urine and pain in the upper abdomen have also been linked to overdose symptoms.

Available brand:

  • Saridon (Bayer)

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