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Is Stress behind Your Hair Loss

Is Stress behind Your Hair Loss

Your hair serves many functions. It’s not called a crowning glory for no reason. The hair’s most important function is to serve as protection for your scalp and generally, your head. It is also an accessory to make a fashion statement. Given these, taking proper care of your hair becomes more important. If you have been experiencing hair loss, stress could be among the culprits. Several studies have been looking at the impact of the relationship between psychological stress and loss of hair. Good thing is that there are ways you can do to prevent stress-related hair loss.

Take Control of Stress

Work deadlines, anxiety, and crash dieting are some things you encounter every day that cause stress. Better management of stressors around you significantly helps with your hair loss dilemma. While it might be easier said than done, there are simple steps you can do to be more in control. Exercising, getting a hobby, and meditation are some techniques you can try to have greater power over stress.

Massage Your Scalp

You might think that you are washing your hair properly. But it might not be the case at most times. Proper hair care involves getting your hair fully wet before applying a small amount of shampoo. Then, massage it into the scalp before fully rinsing it off with water. Koyama and his fellow researchers in Japan found massaging as an effective way in preventing hair loss. They explained that this method helps in improving blood flow in your scalp and it is the perfect stimulant to improve hair thickness.

Use the Right Products for Your Hair

Products like shampoos, conditioners, and oil can also be the cause for your hair loss. It is recommended to use the basic ones. Using organic products for your hair care is a better option if you are already experiencing balding or thinning.

Combat stress-related hair loss now. There are many ways you can prevent a serious case of loss of hair. Getting the right products is a good start. Find one at the Watsons store near you or order online.


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