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Importance of Flu and Pneumonia Vaccination

Flu and pneumonia are respiratory infections that can cause potentially serious complications. Vaccination is a proven effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones against getting these infections, and to lower your risk for serious disease.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, getting your flu and pneumonia shots becomes much more important. If you get sick with the flu or pneumonia, your immune system can become overworked and weak, making you more vulnerable to COVID-19. A person can develop the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Plus, COVID-19 often causes pneumonia.

You can avoid these potentially life-threatening complications by simply getting vaccinated against the flu and pneumonia. Doing so will lower your risk of developing serious illness and getting hospitalized.

As responsible members of the community, we all have the civic duty to get vaccinated against flu, pneumonia, COVID-19, and other vaccine-preventable diseases. We owe it to our frontline health workers, our healthcare system, and our country.

Consult your doctor about the recommended flu and pneumonia vaccination schedules.

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