How to Tame Frizzy Hair Caused by Pollution

Humidity, everyday styling, and even your shampoo are among the reasons why your hair gets damaged at times. It is also in your daily commute and pollution you face every day that makes your hair look unhealthy. Your exposure to extreme pollution can cause frizziness of your crowning glory. According to an article of Garnier USA, frizz happens when the outer level of your hair is damaged The good news is that there are easy ways you can do to protect your hair.

Take Good Care of Your Locks

The use of hair iron and the habit of over-combing can also be behind your frizzy hair. Professional hairstylists recommended air drying instead of using a hair blower. They also advise to use the lowest possible temperature when using heat on hair and protect it with a thermal protectant spray before proceeding to use a hair iron or curler. Additionally, you are best to keep your brush away if you opt to air dry. Brushing while air drying can cause frizz as it disturbs the outer layer.

What Hair Products to Use

To tame frizzy hair, products containing silicone prevents external moisture from entering the hair shaft. When choosing your hair product, be sure to look for the following ingredients.

Argan Oil – Similar to silicone, Argan oil has a moisturizing ability which seals hair cuticles and gives a protective barrier from future damage. This oil offsets dryness to maintain your hair’s smoothness. It also gives an extra kick to your usual conditioner, especially when paired with other oils.

Olive Oil – This fatty oil contains vitamin E effective in providing moisture and stimulating hair growth. Olive oil may help you tame frizz since it can penetrate hair strands, acting as a magnet to pull nutrients into the hair shaft.

Kera-Ceramide Serum – Products with Kera-Ceramide Serum provide an innovation that nourishes hair holistically. By recalling protein into the hair, Keratin nourishes and toughens your hair within to make it manageable. Ceramide, on the other hand, binds hair cells and provides a layer that prevents damage and restores hair sheen.

Just remember that despite these recommendations, you still need to observe what works best and doesn’t work when it comes to taming your frizz. If you need the right products for your hair, make sure to visit a Watsons branch today or check our website.


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