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How to Choose the Right Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a medical equipment that can help deliver medication directly to the lungs and the respiratory system for maximum targeted effect. It turns liquid medicine into a very fine mist that a person can inhale through a face mask or mouthpiece. This mode of medication delivery is called nebulization. Nebulizers are typically prescribed by doctors to people with respiratory tract problems such as:


Types of nebulizers for home use
  • Compressor nebulizers are powered by compressed gas that flows at high velocity through the liquid medicine to turn it into aerosol (fine droplets). They are less expensive and provide a range of particle-size outputs. Also known as tabletop nebulizers, they are heavy and more suitable for stationary use. They require an electric outlet for operation and can be quite noisy.
  • Mesh nebulizers use electricity or ultrasonic wave to push the liquid drug through a vibrating mesh or membrane, producing very fine droplets. Battery-powered, ultra-compact and portable, a mesh nebulizer delivers nebulization quickly, quietly and efficiently.
Questions to consider

While your doctor can recommend a suitable nebulizer for your medication administration, you can consider the following questions when deciding on the right nebulizer for you.

Who will use the nebulizer?

For COPD or asthma patients with severe breathing difficulties, choose nebulizers that provide a higher level of nebulization as they deliver higher levels of the medication’s active ingredient.

For babies and children, look for a quieter nebulizer that forms a smoother mist as it provides a more pleasant and less disturbing experience for the young patients.

For patients with multiple respiratory tract diseases, a nebulizer that can produce different particle sizes is recommended.

Where and how often will the nebulizer be used?

If you anticipate high-frequency use for your nebulizer, choose a sturdy nebulizer with a high nebulizing capacity and therefore suitable for intensive use.

If the patient requires treatment at different times of the day, or travels a lot, a lightweight and portable nebulizer is recommended.

Talk to your doctor about the nebulizer that’s right for you.

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