Gummy Vitamins vs Pills vs Syrup

Gummy Vitamins vs Pills vs Syrup: Which is Better?

Choosing which vitamin product best fits your family depends on some things, such as age and how people can easily take the medicine. Here are some of the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of three common vitamin forms: gummy vitamins, pills, and syrups.

GummiesGummy Vitamins vs Pills vs Syrup

Gummy vitamins are chewable supplements that look and feel like candies and are available in various flavors, shapes, and colors. They’re popular among kids because they are easy to take and appeal more to those who hate swallowing tablets. These gummies are made of gelatin, colorings, sugar, and flavors like orange, berry, cherries, and lemon which makes kids think that they are eating candies rather than taking vitamins.

However, these gummies may contain a lot of sugar, and depending upon how they are made, ingredients may be heated during manufacturing. If these gummies have high sugar content, it is like giving your child candy and may encourage him or her to take more sugary foods.

Tablets or PillsGummy Vitamins vs Pills vs Syrup: Which is Better?

Tablets or pills pack vitamins in a single solid space. During manufacturing, a machine presses the vitamins and supplements into a solid tablet. Tablets have a longer shelf-life and are more stable than the other forms. They are also easy to take for older people and may have certain tastes. However, young children may not be able to swallow tablets and chewable tablets may have a chalky texture that kids find upsetting.

SyrupsGummy Vitamins vs Pills vs Syrup: Which is Better?

Syrups are easier to take because of its form. There are some people who cannot swallow numerous tablets to take a single dose. A daily supplement is made up of just a couple of tablespoons. Plus, syrups can be added to water or your favorite juice. This form is acceptable to all age groups and there is a low risk of choking. However, you cannot take it without a measuring device. You should also consider the syrup’s flavor, as some syrups may be bitter.

To find a supplement that your little ones will love, it might take some experimentation. You can try these forms in your home and find out what your family prefers.



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