Future-proofing your life goals with a vaccine

Widely recognized as a successful health intervention, immunization saves millions of lives every yeari. Celebrated annually on the last week of April, World Immunization Week promotes the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against illnessesi.

As the world turns its attention to new vaccines created in response to the pandemic, the need for getting protection against various illnesses remains as important as everi. According to the Department of Health, proper immunization is proven to be critical in containing or limiting outbreaks of infectious diseases and in combating the spread of antimicrobial resistanceii.

As we all try to get back on our feet after the events of last year, nobody has the time to get sick. Vaccines work by introducing antigens in the body and the immune system learns to recognize the invading antigen, produces antibodies and remembers them, aiding to combat the disease in the near futureiii. By keeping yourself healthy, you have more time to work harder, and less time is spent worrying about getting sick with colds or a serious illness such as pneumoniaiv.

Pneumonia is far from an ordinary flu. The disease is an infection that inflames the air sacs in one or both lungs. It is usually caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi.v Symptoms include cough, difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat, high temperature, loss of appetite, sweating and shivering, chest pains and feeling unwellvi.

Across the world, most especially in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, pneumonia is still deadly, accounting for an estimated 1.4 million deaths every year among children under five yearsvii. In the Philippines, children are not the only ones at serious risk of getting infected by pneumonia. Listed just below cancer and heart disease, pneumonia is the third leading cause of death in the countryviii.

One way to prevent pneumonia is to get vaccinatedvi.

Now more than ever, busy Filipinos who hustle and grind need to build a stronger immunity. By getting vaccinated, you can get a form of protection against serious infectious diseasesix. Don’t let your health get in the way of going after all your life goals. Know more about pneumonia, pneumonia vaccines, and the #AShotForEveryJuan campaign through the official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PfizerVaccinesPH.

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