Foreign body removal involves the extractions that are done within the body, usually due to injuries. Foreign bodies can lodge into several parts of our body such as nose, ears, legs, stomach, airway, foot and more. The methods applied to extract the foreign body depends on what type it is and what part of the body is affected. 

Foreign bodies may be introduced to the body if there’s anything that has been absorbed or infused to the patient. This can happen because of accidents. In other cases, consumed objects can move between the digestive tubes consistently without any problems, yet most individuals may require help to extract foreign bodies. 


  • Inhaled Foreign Body

Children are particularly prone to consume foreign bodies since they are prone in inhaling anything around their environment. With this, the airways are blocked and can lead to choking. Examples of usual inhaled foreign bodies are the following:

  • Popcorns
  • Grapes
  • Peanuts
  • Tiny toys
  • Stones
  • Small foods

Another harmful thing that youngsters inhale is the rubber balloon. This can totally plug the airway, and is a problem to extract without the help of medical professionals. 

  • Digestive Tract Foreign Bodies

Things that are consumed or infused into the mouth may come into the digestive tract, known as the pathway connecting to anus and the mouth.

  • Skin Foreign Bodies

Foreign bodies may go to the skin through regular exposure or accident. One of the usual foreign bodies in the skin is splinters, yet it basically doesn’t need doctor’s help except when the injury has been infected. In that case, it may result in an emergency procedure.

  • Airborne Foreign Bodies

Elements on the air, including dust, may go into the air passages or in the nose and eye. These may stimulate an allergic response; nevertheless it is not commonly considered as an emergency. 

  • Eye Foreign Bodies

Foreign body removal in the eye may be done when the object becomes lodged in the eye while doing particular activities or through an accident. 

  • Nose, Vagina, and Ear Foreign Bodies

Individuals who encounter this may experience severe pain.


Foreign body removal is an emergency if it produces severe pain or is in the skin.

One of the harmful foreign bodies in the eye are pieces of glass that are required to be extracted immediately through medical experts.

Foreign body removal in the vaginal, ear, or nose may be done in the emergency room.

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