Femoral hernia repair is a surgical intervention performed to cure a hernia near the upper thigh or groin. A femoral hernia is a protrusion of tissues in the thigh caused by a weak point. This muscle is typically seen in the stomach. Femoral hernias might present as a painful bulge. When you lie down, the lump is generally pushed back in or disappears. The lump may emerge as a result of coughing or straining.

When Is It Necessary To Have Femoral Hernia Repair?

Femoral hernias are normally treated with surgery as soon as feasible, frequently as soon as they are discovered. This is because femoral hernias have the greatest risk of strangulation when contrasted to other hernias. When the contents of the hernia get fully confined, and the blood flow is limited or cut off, this is known as a hernia rupture. A strangulated hernia can result in tissue infection or death, as well as other problems. If this happens, you’ll need emergency surgery.

How Is Femoral Hernia Repair Executed?

Open or keyhole surgery can be used to treat a femoral hernia. The tissue and organs will be gently pushed back into place by your surgeon. The weak place in your abdominal wall will then be repaired, either by stitching it together or by introducing a mesh. 

The femoral hernia repair will usually allow you to return home the same day. However, if it’s done as an emergency repair, you could have to stay in the hospital for longer.

What You Should Do Before The Femoral Hernia Repair

Inform your physician or caregiver if:

  • You are or may be pregnant.
  • You are consuming any medications, vitamins, or herbs that you did not get with prescriptions.

In the week preceding your treatment, you may be instructed to discontinue the use of beta-blockers momentarily. Ask the physician about which medications you must keep taking on the day of operation. During the operation, you must:

  • Follow the guidelines on when and how to cease eating and drinking.
  • Take the medications your doctor prescribed with a bit of glass of water.
  • Come on time to the facility.

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