Common Tell-tale Signs

Common Tell-tale Signs You Might Have Diabetes

Diabetes is easily treatable when diagnosed early. However, it is hard to tell whether you are at risk of diabetes or not just by looking at your body. A family history of the disease is one way to tell if you are at risk of diabetes. But if none of your immediate family has it, how do you tell whether you have diabetes or not? The good news is that there are things you can watch out for to tell whether or not you have the disease. Here are some of the common signs and symptoms associated with diabetes.

You pee more frequently than usual

Diabetics are known to frequently urinate compared to healthy individuals. The need to take frequent trips to the restroom is due to the kidneys not properly reabsorbing glucose. Due to increased urination, you’ll feel thirstier than normal.

You are always hungry

Frequent pangs of hunger are among the most common signs you might have diabetes. However, you might be wondering why do you want to eat more if you already have higher blood sugar levels? People suffering from this disease are either not able to produce insulin or cannot properly utilize insulin. Insulin is essential to converting glucose your body absorbed from food into energy. If your body cannot make or properly use insulin, then your brain will tell you to eat more so that your body can keep on producing glucose for energy.


The low energy commonly felt by diabetics is related to you being excessively hungry. Given that your body cannot make enough insulin or make proper use of it, you tend to not absorb the energy coming from glucose. Thus, the feeling of being always low on energy or lethargic for any physical activity.

Wounds that won’t heal quickly

A wound that takes a longer period to heal is the only visible sign to determine whether you might have diabetes. Numerous reasons are contributing to why wounds do not heal quickly for those with diabetes. But high blood sugar levels play an important factor behind it. Cells are not energized to recover quickly if you have an increased level of blood sugar. In turn, it prevents the efficient function of the immune system and increases inflammation of the cells.

You should not ignore these symptoms especially if your family has a history of the disease. Consult your doctor today if you have any of these symptoms!


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