COLOUR VISION DEFICIENCY (COLOUR BLINDNESS) - Overview,Facts, Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Medications


Colour vision deficiency isn’t a type of visual deficiency or blindness, yet it is an insufficiency in the way you see color. With this vision problem, you have problems identifying and distinguishing colors from each other, for example between yellow and red or between green and blue.

Colour vision deficiency is an inherited condition that affects more males than females. Red-green color deficiency is the most widely recognized type of colour vision deficiency.

An individual may acquire a trait that lessens the ability to see blue and yellow colors. This blue-yellow deficiency more often influences men and women equally.

Colour vision deficiency happens when light-sensitive cells in the retina do not react suitably to varieties in wavelengths of light that make individuals to see colors.

There are two types of color vision deficiency: Inherited and acquired.

  • Color vision deficiency that is inherited is characterized by the absence of cones or lack of cones that makes a person distinguish between different colors.
  • Acquired color vision deficiency occurs due to secondary factors such as aging, which damages retinal cells. Injury or damage to the parts of the brain that are involed in vision can also cause color vision deficiency.

Do you experience issues in distinguishing blue and yellow, or red and green? Do other individuals tell you that the color you think you are seeing isn’t right? Assuming this is the case, these are essential signs that you have a colour vision deficiency.


In the event that you have color vision problems when typically you have the capacity to see a full scope of color, at that point you should visit your doctor. Sudden or steady loss of color vision can show any medical issues, like cataracts.

Color vision testing can help decide the type of color insufficiency you have.



There is no remedy for color blindness. However, some techniques may enable you to work better in a color focused world.

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