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Experiencing a chipped or fractured tooth can be a scary situation. Often it happens when we least expect it to and is typically followed by worry or stress. In fact, your dentist can easily repair a chipped tooth in one quick visit.

Situations may differ from one person to the next; however, the most common reason for a chipped tooth is poor hygiene. Poor dental hygiene leads to unhealthy teeth, which in turn leads to chips or fractures while biting down on something hard. Other issues that will occurs tooth would fillings fall out unexpectedly, causing the tooth to weaken and severe decay.

For some people, a chipped tooth goes completed unnoticed until it begins to hurt. For others, they are immediately aware of the issue. There are also some self-care options to help in interim. These include; taking a pain reliever to help with pain, rinsing with salt water, and only eating soft foods.


Several types of chipped tooth exist such as craze lines a tiny crack that only affects outer enamel cause no pain, next is fractured cusp, a piece of tooth surface breaks off, then another is cracked tooth when left untreated can result in a loss of tooth, lastly is what we called split tooth that is usually result of a long-term cracked tooth and cannot be saved.



Symptoms including irritation of the gum around the chipped tooth and pain from pressure on the tooth when biting that can expose the nerves of the tooth.  Possibly you have what they called chipped tooth.


Your dentist can make a diagnosis of a chipped tooth via visible inspection of your mouth. They will ask you about events that may have caused the chipping.



The treatment of a chipped tooth will depend on its location, symptoms and severity. This is usually not a medical emergency unless there is severe pain and difficulty in eating. See your dentist so that you can avoid tooth damage and subsequent tooth infection.

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