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Why Should We Do Deworming in Children?

  Does your kid experience stomach pain every now and then? Or have you noted a sudden decrease in the weight of your child? If so, your kid may have ...

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10 Essential Tips to Prepare for a Typhoon Disaster

  The Philippines isn’t new to catastrophic events and natural disasters. The United Nations claimed that our nation is the third most disaster-prone country around the world. In 2013, the ...

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5 Steps to Take After A Heavy Rain

  Water in your home from winds and heavy downpours can cause all sorts of damage. A heavy rain can instantly dump loads of water in your home, fill your ...

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5 Health and Safety Tips for the Rainy Season

  Take a look at these tips to stay healthy during the rainy season!

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Nutrition for Kids Directory: Guidelines for Healthy Nutrition

  Here are some quick guidelines for kids healthy nutrition!

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Back-to-School Vaccines

  The school year has started—but is your child fully vaccinated? Make sure that your kids are updated with their vaccines before they go back to school! 

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healthy meals

5 Healthy Homemade Baon Packed Lunch Ideas

  Lunch is a very important meal of the day for anyone who’s concerned about healthy living. Many people skip lunch due to their busy schedules or because they want ...

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check up

Why Your Child Needs a Back-to-School Check-up

  Summer is coming to an end, and it`s time to go back to school. Along with shopping for new uniforms and school supplies, parents should schedule kids for their ...

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5 Asthma Triggers Found in Schools

  Here are some tips on how to prevent asthma attacks in children!  

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Back To School With ADHD

  Summer has just passed and your kids` time for relaxing and sleeping late is over. Just like an ordinary kid, a kid with ADHD also enjoys summer vacations. However, ...

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