Bye Carbs!

Bye Carbs! Five Foods You Should Skip If You’re a Diabetic

You need to embrace big changes after a diabetes diagnosis. This life-changing event includes adopting a new eating habit. The need to modify what you have been used to comes from the fact that your blood sugar can easily skyrocket. You should be extra cautious especially if you are newly diagnosed.

  1. Rice – Rice and other carbohydrates are among the biggest culprits behind the rise of diabetes around the world. Carbohydrates contribute to diabetes as it is among the source of glucose, which is needed by the body for energy. Due to underproduction of insulin, these glucose are left in the bloodstream as they cannot be properly used by the body.
  1. Margarine, peanut butter and spreads – these foods are rich in trans-fat. Scientists have yet to find a direct link between trans-fat and an increase in blood sugar levels. However, they claim that these foods are behind insulin resistance, increased inflammation, and belly fat.
  1. Frappucino and other flavored drinks – Coffee is known for boosting metabolism, lowering risk of heart diseases, and reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease among others. However, sugary variants of this drink can make it unhealthy, including the so-called “lite” versions.
  1. Packaged snacks – Snacks like crackers and pretzels are made mostly of flour and does not offer many nutrients to the body. Given that flour is one of the main sources of carbs, it can easily contribute to increased blood sugar. For example, saltine crackers contain 21 grams of carbs while pretzels have 22 grams of carbs. A study on food label accuracy found that packaged foods contain more carbs than what their label says.
  2. Fruit juices – Juices, either canned or fresh, were once considered a healthy beverage. But recent studies on the health benefits of fruit juices found that it impacts blood sugar levels in the same way when you drink sodas. Fruit juices were also found to contain the same level of fructose as those found in sodas.

Eat a healthful diet to keep your diabetes in check. Consult your doctor about the proper diabetic diet and food plan.


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