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Back To School With ADHD


Summer has just passed and your kids` time for relaxing and sleeping late is over. Just like an ordinary kid, a kid with ADHD also enjoys summer vacations. However, your child with ADHD may have a hard time getting used to classes and homework again, so we are offering these tips to make it easier for you.

Get Organized

Make your child stay on top of homework. Some good ideas for organizing include having a calendar or daily planner, a whiteboard or bulletin board for reminders and deadlines, a desk organizer for school supplies, and some color-coded folders or binders for assignments.

Plan Your School Calendar

Write all your child`s activities on a big calendar. Include activities like school clubs, dance lessons, music lessons, and play dates. Also, add exams and special projects. Allot some time for homework as well as for fun and relaxation. Let him or her design this schedule so that he or she can feel a sense of control and go over the schedule until it turns out into a routine.

Slowly Ease Into the New Routine

If your child slept late during the summer holidays, start waking him or her earlier every day. In that way, he or she will not feel groggy when school begins. Make bedtime a little early every night, too, so he or she gets sufficient sleep.

Post a List of Activities

Put a list of daily activities on the fridge or in any place that your kid can see. Write down everything he or she should do before going out of the house, including:

  • Getting dressed
  • Making the bed
  • Eating breakfast
  • Packing homework
  • Taking bag, packed meals and other things he or she needs to bring to school

Meet the Teachers

Meet with your kid`s teachers. Talk about school adjustments that helped him or her learn in the past. For example, kids with ADHD find it easy to learn when they sit in the front row, away from distractions like other classmates and windows. Ask for the class schedules and get a list of books that your child needs. Discuss with them some effective teaching methods in the past that helped your kid learn.

Compliment Your Child’s Good Work

Kids with ADHD thrive on rewards and compliments. Recognize even the smallest accomplishments that your child makes and give him or her rewards or praise. If he or she follows the schedule that you have made, give praise accordingly. Compliment him or her for good grades or if he or she completes ordinary duties without reminders. Make him or her think that you’re proud.

Make Learning Fun

Keep learning light. Make your child develop a positive mindset about learning. Learning is a continuous process. Instil a love of learning in your kid that will last forever. Provide him with rewards, love, and the tools that he or she needs to be successful. A little love goes a long way.


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