APGAR SCORE - Overview, Facts, Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis


Apgar score is a kind of system often used by nurses and doctors to evaluate newborns a minute and five minutes after birth.

The system was established by Dr. Virginia Apgar in 1952. Since then, the rating system has been used by medical experts to test newborn babies during their first moments. 

This evaluation is used by medical practitioners to rapidly relay the status of the general health of a newborn. Low Apgar scores may demonstrate the infant needs and exceptional consideration, for example, additional assistance with their activities.

Every mother should be informed that whenever these numbers appear, they are automatically one of the patients who can receive various assessments. Some assessments include tracking heart rate and blood gases from the umbilical artery. In any case, allocating an Apgar score is a brisk method to help other people comprehend the infant’s condition following birth.


Five groups are classified into the Apgar scoring system. Every classification gets a focus rating of 0 to 2. Probably, a kid will get a general score of 10. Nonetheless, a child seldom scores a 10 in an initial couple of seconds of life. This is on the grounds that most children have blue hands or feet following birth.


A score of 7 to 10 following five minutes is “reassuring.” A score of 4 to 6 is “decently unusual.”

A child with a 0 score to 3 is disturbing, as it shows a requirement for immediate medical intervention. A mother may notice that the nurses are vigorously drying off a child or administering oxygen through a mask. Often, for more assistance, a doctor, midwife, or nurse practitioner may require moving the baby to a neonatal intensive care nursery.

There are changes, such as the Combined-Apgar ranking, to this scoring system. Not only the Apgar score of the baby but also the therapies a child has received are listed in this scoring system.

The Combined-Apgar score’s maximum score is 17, showing a baby who has not had any therapies and earns all scores.  The 0 score shows that the baby has not reacted to treatments.

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