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  • Adult:
    • IV Invasive candidiasis; Candidaemia; Candida infections (intra-abdominal abscess, peritonitis)
      • Loading dose of 200 mg on day 1, then 100 mg once daily thereafter for at least 14 days after the last positive culture.
    • Oesophageal candidiasis
      • Loading dose of 100 mg on day 1, then 50 mg once daily thereafter for at least 14 days and for at least 7 days following resolution of symptoms. To be given by IV infusion. Max infusion rate: 1.1 mg/min.



  • Pruritus, urticaria, rash, hypotension, dyspnoea, flushing; nausea, diarrhoea; phlebitis/thrombophlebitis, neutropaenia, hypokalaemia, headache; elevated alkaline phosphatase, hepatic enzymes, and γ-glutamyltransferase.



  • Patients w/ serious underlying conditions receiving multiple concomitant medications w/ anidulafungin may experience hepatic abnormalities e.g. hepatitis, hepatic dysfunction or worsening hepatic failure.
  • If you are planning to be pregnant or think you may be pregnant, discuss the risks and benefits of use with your doctor.
  • Before breast-feeding, consult your physician.



  • Reconstituted solution: Store up to 1 hr between 2-8°C prior to reconstitution.
  • Infusion solution: Store between 2-8°C and should be administered w/in 24 hr. Do not freeze.

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