Am I in Menopause

Am I in Menopause? 5 Signs You May Be In It


Menopause is an ordinary part of aging and all women cannot avoid it. It is due to the failure of the ovaries to release eggs during ovulation because of low sex hormone levels. When you have reached menopause and are no longer having menstrual periods, you cannot conceive.

Menopause starts at the ages of 40 until 50 years old; however, most women start menopause before the age of 52. Those who undergo surgery and certain treatments can reach menopause earlier than most women.

So, how do you know whether you are approaching menopause or not? Here are the four signs that you may be approaching it.

1. Your periods become irregular

The most common sign of menopause is a change on menstrual regularity. The menstrual period may be longer or shorter than before, may be heavy or light and may come more often or less often, different from before. Before menopause, you are still able to get pregnant as long as you have your menstrual period.

2. You have hot flashes and night sweats

Night sweats are hot flashes that occur during sleep. Hot flashes may manifest as a feeling of warmth for no particular reason. Sometimes, your heart will beat faster than usual and you may flush red, after which you will feel cold suddenly.

Intense hot flashes can wake you up in the middle of the night. It may also last for a minute or more and may be experienced for an hour, a week or not at all. These feelings vary from one woman to another.

3. You have trouble sleeping

If you experience problems in sleeping or if you wake frequently during the night, you may be having menopause. Trouble sleeping without reason and with the occurrence of night sweats is a symptom of menopause. Consult your doctor if these symptoms disturb your daily activities.

4. You are moody

Due to low levels of sex hormones, you may experience changes in mood. Your doctor can help you cope up with this problem, especially if you have depression or anxiety.

5. You feel different during sex

Sex during the period before menopause can be less intense and different, due to lack of arousal and dryness of the vagina. For women who still want to be more sexually active, a lubricant jelly can keep your vagina from dryness and irritation.


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