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Primary visual agnosia is an uncommon neurological disorder that is portrayed by the total or partial loss of the ability to recognize and identify objects or people by sight. This happens without the loss of the capacity to see the thing or individual. The symptoms of visual agnosia occur due to damage to some parts of the brain or in association with various medical disorders.


There are two types of visual agnosis:

Apperceptive agnosia

This agnosia affects individuals who can’t correctly process what they see, which implies that they have trouble in perceiving objects or isolating between different things. They cannot copy or draw the objects that they see.

Associative agnosia

This affects people who can’t match a thing with their memory. They can describe or draw the object, yet will not know what the thing is or is used for.


People with primary visual agnosia may have one or many problems in visual identification without problems in cognition, motivation, or thought. Vision is clear and cognitive functioning as well. Some affected individuals don’t recognize familiar things.


Some psychophysical tests can be done to pinpoint the visual problem that affects a person.  Visual agnosia due to brain-damaged may be recognized through imaging tests, such as computed tomography (CT scan) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


Treatment of basic visual agnosia is supportive and is based on symptoms. Affected individuals may do exercises to relearn about the things that are fundamental for standard living. Exercises and rehabilitation can help restore lost memories which are important.

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