ADDICTION RECOVERY - Overview, Facts, Types, Symptoms


Addiction recovery requires more than courage. Abusing illegal or prescribed drugs can cause brain changes, resulting in overwhelming and uncontrollable desires of using it. Since it is a habit that’s hard to stop doing, recovery always seems so hard to reach.

However, no matter how bad your condition appears or how many times you’ve tried before, recovery is always possible. Change is always achievable with the proper treatment and care.

For too many people suffering from addiction, the most difficult step toward healing is accepting that you have a problem and choosing to change. It’s natural to be unsure if you’re willing to start recovering or whether you have what it means to quit.

If you’re addicted to prescribed medication, you might be worried about how you’ll handle a health condition without it. It’s fine to be confused. Having committed to sobriety necessitates numerous changes, including:

  • who you accept in your life;
  • the way you manage stress;
  • what you’re doing in your spare time;
  • how you see yourself; and
  • the prescription and OTC medications you use

It is also natural to feel confused about quitting drugs, even if you are aware that it is causing issues in your life.

Furthermore, addiction recovery takes time, determination, and assistance. Nevertheless,  you can beat the addiction and take control of your life by making a promise and effort to change.

Preparing For Addiction Recovery

  1. Tell yourself why you want to make big changes.
  2. Consider your past efforts at recovery, if there are any. What’s really effective? What didn’t work?
  3. Set clear, quantifiable goals, such as target-date or drug usage restrictions.
  4. Consider removing all reminders of your addiction from your office, home, and other locations.
  5. Inform your family and friends that you are ready for recovery and ask for their help.

Explore Your Addiction Recovery Treatment Choices

After you’ve made the decision to recover, it’s time to look into your therapy options. While addiction recovery treatment varies depending on the substance, a successful program frequently involves the following components:

  • Behavioral counseling 
  • Detoxification to get rid of your body from drugs 
  • Long-term checkups and therapy 
  • Medication to control withdrawal symptoms, treat any coexisting mental health issues, and prevent relapse

Types Of Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Partial hospitalization 
  • Residential treatment
  • Sober living communities
  • Outpatient treatment

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