7 Signs of Poor Nutrition You Should Watch Out For

7 Signs of Poor Nutrition You Should Watch Out For

Eating the right amount of food is like paving the road towards a healthy and longer life. The body undergoes many changes as you grow older. Aging also comes with different expectations from your body. Along with these changes, there might be a need to increase or decrease your food intake. However, poor nutrition is the number one enemy in achieving a healthy body. The combination of a demanding and high expectation of modern life, as well as the affordability and ease offered by processed food, contribute to this development.

But how do you know if you have poor nutrition? These are some telltale signs indicating you should go back to eating clean and healthy:

  1. Feeling Tired

Poor nutrition leads to anemia, especially if there is little to low amount of iron in your diet. Inadequate mineral intake can also lead to heart disease and thyroid problems. Unexplained fatigue is usually the first symptom that manifests before developing a more serious health issue.

  1. Brittle, Dry Hair

Nutrients are also very important to our hair. You may notice hair changes when you have some nutrient deficiencies. Drying of the hair, rampant hair loss, and unhealthy scalp are some other hair and scalp problems that develop in relation to nutritional deficiency. After showing signs in your hair, it can also manifest with pale and thinning skin. Additionally, people with thyroid problems can further influence hair and skin condition when experiencing nutritional deficiency.

  1. Ridged or Spoon-Shaped Nails

Like our hair, nails can also show signs of poor nutrition. They can grow thin, have ridges and may become brittle. Other signs may also occur such as the curving out of nails. This last sign is an easy indication that you are experiencing iron deficiency.

  1. Dental Problems

One of the ways to detect poor nutrition is through a dental check-up. Dental health is also affected if you are not meeting the required nutritional intake. Symptoms that appear vary depending on which vitamin or mineral you are lacking. Mouth sores, gum disease, and other oral changes can be caused by Vitamin C deficiency.

  1. Changes in Bowel Habits

A good bowel movement is linked to good health. Thus, an individual who lacks certain nutrients like fiber may suffer from constipation or other issues related to bowel movement.

  1. Mood and Mental Health Issues

A good diet is a remedy for depression. Thus, poor nutrition can lead to poor memory, impaired cognition and loss of interest in people, things and activities.

  1. Impaired Immune Response

Nutrition is crucial in maintaining a good immune system. Given that, the body cannot easily fight disease if it is not in proper shape. A strong immune system is boosted by nutrients such as protein, zinc, and vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are mostly found in fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce.



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