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5 Top Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids


You can’t go out during the rainy days, yet you can make the most out of them. These top five activities are sure to bring more joy to the whole family!

  1. Crafting

Kids will be happy to do crafts with our support. Give them those old newspapers, magazines, glue and coloring pens and ask them to make collages. Coloring sheets and crayons can open doors to creative imagination among the little ones. You can get a lot of printable coloring sheets online and present it to kids.

Face-painting with kids can also be fun and can also serve as birthday and Halloween party activities at home.

  1. Indoor Games

This is the right time for Lego block-building with your kids; you can also hold contests for constructing houses, vehicles, animals and other shapes using colorful blocks.

Jigsaw puzzles can be a fun activity for the whole family. Create teams among family members and let them work on puzzles and win prizes. You can even create a jigsaw puzzle using your family pictures. Your little ones will also love simple activities such as hide-and-seek and scavenger hunts.

Indoor treasure hunting is an exciting indoor game. You can ask kids to play individually or in teams.

  1. Books and Photographs

Every child likes to read books and a rainy day is the perfect time for that. Take the kids to your nearby library where they can search for books and read them inside the house. Let every kid read out his or her favorite short story out loud, while others listen.

Take out your old family photos and talk about your past life versus the present; let’s say, cellphones during your time and smart phones today. Print photographs and turn them into a collage or a scrap book.

  1. Creating Body Shapes

Kids will find it fun to form alphabet letters using their own bodies, by twisting their trunks and stretching or raising their arms or legs. Let them form as many letters as they can.

Making shapes with your hands in the shadows can improve creativity. Close the curtains, turn off the lights, light up your lamp to make shadow shapes on those dim walls.

  1. Singing and Dancing

When it’s a rainy day and the kids cannot play outside, let them sing or dance. It can be a dance party or a videoke session in the home where everyone can make some dance moves and sing their favorite songs. You can even ask other family members to act as judges for a contest. Create some reality shows real at your home!

We hope that these activities will not only bring happiness to the whole family but also hone skills and nurture kids’ creativity. Rainy days can be fun!


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